Pep talk

Like pirates we all have a captain and a captain is supposed to help us become strong and motivate us to do better. But it is us, the pirates, that have to put in the effort, time, and work.  When a pirates fails they are either thrown overboard or they are left on land. In the pirate crew everyone has a different job. What helps pirates to do their jobs? The captain. But how does he do it, when there is nothing motivating him? My idea for this pep talk is self motivation and what pushes us to guide our team to their goal.

“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid”, that was said by Albert Einstein. What you say or do can have effects on people. It can be hard for people to have self motivation when they don’t know their goal. Some people don’t need a goal to motivate themselves, they can just do it. When you know your goal and what your plan is, it can help you to guide your team to get a touchdown, or kick the ball into the net. You have to push yourself to the limit and push your team, but you have to know why you are doing it and so do they. Teaching yourself and teaching your team to be positive can help you in the future, it can also make you stronger and better.

Self motivation can be hard sometimes, but it can also be easy, it depends on how much you want to reach your goal. You can be a leader to others, and you can help them better themselves. Just like a captain and his crew we all have a job and that job helps us move the ship toward our goal. We all need a push.



my life

OK so I have a really messed up life and maybe to you I don’t but you’re not living my life. lets start at the beginning. on February 21 , 2003 I was born with a big smile on my face. I was happy, exited, and joyful. But things took a change,and my parents got a divorced and I was only 2 years old you might think that it sad, but the saddest part is that I don’t even remember them being together. But oh well that doesn’t matter. Then about two years later both my parents got remarried and they where happy once again. My mom married this guy named Greg and at first I was skeptical of him but then I realized  that there is no worry he makes mom happy so I’m happy. Now my sister on the other hand didn’t really like him and I never knew why. When my dad married Angie I didn’t like her. I thought she had taken away my dad and that my dad didn’t love her, he was just tired of being lonely. It seemed like a love less marriage. I never said anything about it because I was a kid and kids aren’t supposed to say things like that to grown ups-well that’s what I thought anyways.

The dream

I had a dream about you it was very weird. I was lying in bed next to you. You woke up and looked at me with a smile that made my heart so happy. Then my dog ran into the room and a black shadow had followed behind. I looked at the black shadow and was possessed my its figure. The black figure put his hand under my chin and lifted up my head my body followed along . I could hear you in the back say, “Don’t go please don’t I’ll save you somehow.” And as I got up I could feel my hand letting go of yours. There was a part of me that wanted to stay with you but there was a bigger part that wanted me to follow the black figure. Then all over a sudden everything went black and I was in my old bedroom, but there was a mirror. I looked into it and saw a girl with a black figure behind her. Blood was dripping down her arms and legs, the black figure was hurting her. I tried to scream and yell stop but I couldn’t I was frozen. I looked closer at the girl because her face seemed very familiar. To my discovery I found that she was me and I was her. The black figure took its long black shadow finger and cut my throat. And with that I had fallen to ground. My legs hurt, my arms were is so much pain. I looked up at myself and saw you in the mirror behind me. I cried and turned around you where there in front of me. I put my face into my hands and said, “I’m sorry, I’m so so so sorry.” I cried harder and harder you put your arms around me and said,”It’s okay I’m here now you have nothing to fear. You’ll be okay everything is ok.” And with that last sentence I know you weren’t you I pushed out of the arms and saw the black figure smiling. I was so hurt because I believed that it was you I believed that I was save I was in the arms the Of the black figure thinking it was you. I was so ashamed of my self. I thought how could I have done this. Everything went black and I was in the bark the floor was like water and I just sat there and cried. I could feel someone walking towards me and i was scared. I looked at it for a very long time trying to figure out who or what it was. As it got closer and closer I could tell it was you. But I was skeptical because, just like before this could be the black figure tricking me again. You reached out your hand to my face but I pulled away and stepped back. I said, “I won’t have you trick me again!” You looked at me puzzled and said,”Its me you don’t have to worry the black figure is gone I am really me. Put your hand to my chest and feel my heart beat look and my face I am here I’m the real deal you don’t have to worry I am here.” You took my hand and put it to your heart. I could feel it beating. I was so happy the scars faded away and I was in your arms again. I said, “I’m sorry i should have listen to you. I should have pushed the dark figure away I should have done something. I was so weak. Can you ever forgive me?” You replied, “Don’t worry the dark figure gets the best of all of us. It’s ok now. You’ll be okay, I got you.” I looked up at you and you gave me that smile that makes my heart so happy and I knew in that moment that I loved you and you loved me.We want back to the room and I laid my head on your chest and I could hear you heart beat. I smiled fell asleep to the rhythm of your heart.

dress code

What do you think when you think about dress code? Most people think it is for boys and girls, but dress code is more forced upon girls than boys. Because girls have more choices of outfits, they are more likely to get in trouble. For example, the length of shorts and skirts and the width of spaghetti straps that girls wear might not go by the rules. There are more rules that girls have to follow than boys and the punishment is different, but some people say dress code helps students for the future.dresscode-900x766

    Rules seem to apply to girls only. One example of this is shorts. When girls wear shorts that don’t go past their fingertips then they are sent to the office, but when guys wear shorts that show their underwear they don’t get in trouble. Belly shirts and spaghetti straps are also not allowed for girls because of the attention they receive from boys. One student said, ”Shame, it sends the message to boys that it’s all the girls fault… wasn’t their fault that they were staring- it’s the girls fault” (

     The punishment is also different for girls than boys. The dress code punishment for girls is different because girls are being sent home or have to change their clothes while boys just have to fix the problem and go back to class. Girls are being taken away from learning lessons during class. Hailey Tjensvold said, “Boys whose trousers sag are simply told to ‘pull up your pants up’ without any further repercussion”(, but girls have to change their clothes or they are sent home.

Some people may say that dress code is helping students for the future. Margarette Ellan Allen said, “ i’m sorry but there it is. When they head off to the ‘real world’….that will be the expectation in basically any job setting- be it blue collar or white collar” ( Students know the difference between formal and casual wear. Kids express their feelings through clothing and if you take that away, students are likely to rebell.

Some dress codes are unfair to girls. There are different reasons why schools have dress codes, but my examples explain why dress codes are unfair to girls and why they are unreasonable. Dress codes are more for girls than boys and the punishment is different, but some people may say dress codes are good.  I feel that they are emotionally harmful because it makes girls feel like they’re being judged. Girls shouldn’t feel judged because of what they wear. Let’s stop dress codes from being unfair to girls and making girls feel like they only apply to them.


Usual I would tell you a murder story but this is a different kind of murder story, for this story is one that is blind to the naked eye and those who can see it have no soul but I have no soul and I have a blind eye of my own. No, no one died well not by my hand but by the black dance of the rose. The rose was always covered in lace for her identity was never to be know and if it had the world would open with every secret consuming the game of life and prying a part the pieces of the game, to show the real color of their blood. The rose has many different colors, actions, and dances. The rose is still young and has yet to discover everything but the things it has discovered is very…….well open. The rose has different mask but that’s OK because those mask where created by the stitcher. The stitcher has created many things good and bad. But the rose is his favorite thing that he has created; for the rose is the part of him that he kept locked away because he couldn’t handle the Color Of Movement that was inside of him. Every rose has a different Color Of Movement. This rose has many Colors Of Movement, some of which she can’t control and hasn’t even discovered them. The stitcher had a very dark Color Of Movement, it would sometimes come out of him and destroy everything around him. So he had created the rose as a vile to hold the darkness in.

Keddie Cabin

A case that is still open today, may make you never want to camp again so read at your own risk. In this case a total of 4 people. Camping is always a fun way to spend time with your family, but for this family it meant the end of there days together. On April 12, 1981 the Sharp family and a family friend was found murder at Keddie Resort Lodge in cabin 28. But only 3 there people where found actually in the cabin.


Sheila Sharp was sleeping over at a friends cabin when she walked over to her cabin to see her mother, Sue Sharp, her 15 year old brother, Johnny Sharp and 17 year old friend, Dana Wingate murdered. They where all bound by electrical wiring and medical tape. There was blood spattered all over the walls, floor and ceiling. They where all stabbed by a kitchen knife, a knife that was found bent, and beaten by two hammers but one of the hammers was never found. Sue was actually shot with a rifle and her mouth was stuffed with her underwear and medical tape. In the next room were three little boys, a family friend, Justin Smartt, 5 year old Greg Sharp, and 10 year old Rick Sharp where supposedly all asleep. They where never touched, they where safe. But Justin had actually woken up. He cracked the door open to see what was going on. He saw Sue laying on the couch and two men were standing over her. Then he saw Johnny and Dana walk into the cabin and Johnny started arguing with the two men. Dana then tried to run away through the kitchen to the back door but one of the men had hit Johnny in the head with a hammer so Dana ran over to him. Justin had closed the door to hid and fall asleep. Then Tina, the little sister had come out of her room with a blanket around her to see what was happening. The two men grabbed her and took out through the back door

When the police came to the crime scene they found out that the little sister, Tina Sharp was missing. They had sent out helicopters to try and look for her but all they found was two men, that had look a lot like the men in the cabin, leaving town. The finally found Tina’s bones on the 3rd anniversary of the murder after an anonymous caller told them where to find it. The two men were supposedly Marty Smartt, Justin’s father, and his room mate, Bo Boubede. these men where suspects to the crime. It’s said that Marty and Marilyn, Justin’s mother, were having marriage problems. Marty was an abusive husband and Sue was talking to Marilyn trying to get her to leave Marty. When Marty found out about them he got mad and killed Sue. Now another piece of evidence was a letter Marty had sent to Marilyn it said:


I’ve paid the price of your love and now that I’ve bought it with four peoples lives you tell me that we are through. Great! What else do you want?

Marilyn says she never got the letter, but says that the hand writing is Marty’s. Marty had died before they could accuse him of the murder. It’s amazing how 35 years can go by and a case still be open. sadly they never caught the killer but they are still looking so be careful and never go camping.




On January  15, 1947 a body was found cut in half and was drained of all the blood in her body, that it made her look like a ghost. Her face had been cut from her mouth to her ears making a haunting smile. her hair was just washed and still wet. She was covered in bruises and cuts. The autopsy showed that she was alive when her face was cut and she died from hemorrhage and shock.  Yes we are taking about Elizabeth Short or better known as Black Dahlia.


On January 23, 1947 J.H. Richardson, the editor of the Los Angeles Herald Examiner receives a call from a man saying he is the killer of Short and tells the editor that he will send her stuff. The letter contained, Short’s birth certificate; a Western-Union telegram signed “Red”; some snapshots; an assortment of business cards; a hand-sized, leather-bound address-book with the name “Mark Hansen” embossed in gold lettering on the front cover; and newspaper clippings of Mat Gordon’s obituary. Along with her stuff was a note from the killer it said this, “Los Angels Examiner and other Los Angels papers here! Is Dahlia’s belongings, letter to follow”.


As you can see in the picture above the killer used clips from newspaper articles and magazines to create the message. A bunch of letters were received after that but only one was convincing. It read, “I will give up in Dahlia Killing if I get 10 years do not try and follow me”.

THE KILLER SHORT Innocent men would try to turn them selves in but the police determined that known of them were the killer. sadly the killer was never caught. Poor Elizabeth, she old lived 22 years and never saw her death coming but none of us ever do.


The killer that behind clues, weird notes, and loved getting the attention from the media, yes we are talking about the Zodiac Killer. They called him the Zodiac killer because of the notes he sent. In total he sent 18 letters. The notes constitutive of weird and strange signs like a code of some sort, but they also had normal sayings. He always signed his letter with a circle and a cross of it. In one of the letters it actually said his name but it was in a weird code and nobody could crack it. He sent out his first letter on August 1, 1969, to the San Francisco Chronicle, the San Francisco Examiner, and the Vallejo Times Harold. They all contained the same hand writing and the letter also had facts to prove that the writer was in fact killer. In one of his letters he claimed he had killed 37 people but police confirmed that he only killed 5.


On December 20, 1968 the first victims of his was 17 year old David Faraday and 16 year old Betty Lou Jensen in Vallejo, CA Lake Herman RD. They were both shot and Betty was found 30 feet away from the car, dead and they found David alive but later he died on his way to the hospital in the ambulance. 7 months late he struck again on July 4, 1969 at Blue Rock Springs Park Vallejo, CA shooting 22 year old Darlene Ferrin and 19 year old Micheal Mageau. He walked away then came back to shoot them again but they where still alive when found. Sadly only Micheal survived. He described the killer as a young white man, 26-30 years old, stocky, 200 LBS or larger, about 5’8, light brown curly hair, and had a large face. An hour later the police received a phone call from the killer and after that happened that was when the first three letters were sent. They included three different codes and in the letters he demanded that the police publish the codes in newspapers or else he would kill again. The Zodiac killer said that the cracked codes would reveal his identity. The police did publish them. The next letter he sent ,which was on August 4, said in the beginning, “This is the Zodiac Killer speaking,” which made this the first time that he refers to himself as the Zodiac killer. Four days later after on August 4, 1969 a couple had cracked the code and it said this:


Later on September 27,1969 two people died at Lake Berryessa, Napa CA. 22 year old Cecelia Shepard and 20 year old Bryan Hartnell. Cecelia saw a weird man staring at her behind a tree, a few moments later a man comes and ties up Cecelia and Bryan and stabs them repeatedly. Cecelia dies in the hospital but Bryan survived. Left on the car was a note, it was a list of the people he had killed with a knife. Bryan gave a description very similar to the other one. On October 11, 1969 in San Francisco CA, at the intersection of  Washington and Cherry, a taxi driver, Paul Stine, was shot by the passenger. Across the street was a teenage girl who heard the gunshot and then called the police. She described him as a white male, 25 to 30 years old, 5’8, stocky, reddish-brown crew cut, and heavy-rimmed glasses. As the police got to the scene, a police dispatcher described the man as an African american because of all the chaos. They found a man that fitted the description but didn’t arrest him because they where looking for a African american and he was not. They letter received a letter saying, “two cops pulled a goof about 3 minutes after I left the cab”. The police found a bloody fingerprint in the car, but in the letter he sent he said it was to throw off police his trail. A couple days later the San Francisco Chronicle receives another letter saying, “I am the murder of the taxi driver…”. This letter also included a piece of Stine’s bloody shirt and he talks about shooting up a school bus full of children. Also in the note was a diagram of bombs that could be used on buses. A picture was drawn of the killer from the description.

Later after this all happened a Zodiac task force was created so they could all share information about the Zodiac killer and his notes. On April 20, 1970 San Francisco Chronicle received another letter that said:


His letters continued but then stopped in 1971. His very last letter was sent in 1974 and he says he had killed 37 people. In 2002 they took the saliva on the letter to identify someone but sadly did not find a match but they where able to eliminate suspects. The true identity of the Zodiac killer was never solved.